Sex, Dating, and Marriage

August 2022

Do you want a stronger marriage? What biblical principles should you learn to prepare you for marriage? What qualities should you look for in dating relationships?


Don't Discount Your Story

August 2022

The Bible is a story of God's redemption and love extended to us. Our testimony is where God's story intersects and forever changes our story. Your testimony is powerful and special as it demonstrates God's unique love. Don't keep it to yourself. Don't Discount Your Story!


Summer in the Psalms

June 2022 - July 2022

Eight weeks, eight Psalms, where we see the goodness and faithfulness of God. They are a collection of songs, wisdom, and prayers that challenge, guide, and lead us into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Say What?!

April 2022

When Jesus taught, He said some things that make us “Say What?!” Join us as we look at 7 mind-blowing truths that Jesus said.


Easter At Hillside

April 2022

He is Risen! Through Jesus's sacrifice on the cross and the empty tomb, we have the opportunity to experience the forgiveness of our sins and have eternal hope when we put our faith and hope in Him.


Triple 3:15

March 2022 - April 2022

Jesus hasn’t just saved us from sin, He has also saved us for a purpose. As we are united with Christ, we experience His residence in our heart and rule over us, leading us to reverence for Him.


Warning Labels

February 2022

The Bible has some powerful Warning Labels throughout it. These statements and commands are meant to protect us spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Join us as we explore various boundaries and warnings that God gives us so that we can live in the freedom and fullness of Christ.


Actual Happiness

January 2022

Actual Happiness. What is it? Where is it found? How can we get it? What the world tells will bring us joy and hope ends up being temporary, fleeting, and lackluster. But the Bible tells us how we can experience happiness that is eternal, lasting, and fulfilling - Actual Happiness.


Active Grace

January 2022

What does God want from us? What should our response be to the unearned, freely-given grace of God? It is to demonstrate and live out Active Grace: act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.


It's A Wonderful Love

December 2021

Love is more than a feeling. Love is from God! It is demonstrated through the incarnation and crucifixion of Jesus. This love is shared with those around us as we anticipate and experience the redemption offered by the Gospel Truth of Christ. It’s A Wonderful Love!


The Idol Factory

October 2021 - November 2021

The human heart is a perpetual Idol Factory. We elevate the idol of self above God. Yet, this self-love, self-admiration, self-pity, self-righteousness, and self-sufficiency leaves us empty. What happens when we dethrone the idol of self and let God take his rightful place in our hearts and lives?


The Danger of Indifference

October 2021

What are we to do in seasons where we feel spiritually numb and apathetic? These moments where passion within our hearts is mere embers of what was once a flame. Jesus wants to ignite a spiritual fervor and save us from the dangers of indifference.


Relationship Anchors

August 2021 - September 2021

God made us for relationship. As we encounter lifestorms, we can be pulled into a relational drift away from harmony. In Scripture, God shows us six anchors we can use to avoid relational drift.


The Domino Effect

August 2021

A domino effect is the cumulative effect produced when one event initiates a succession of similar events. When it comes to faith, there is a domino effect as Christ's sacrifice continues to ripple and establish hope and overcome sin as it is shared from person to person.


The Gospel of John

April 2019 - July 2021

The Gospel of John is a story of Life. In John's own words it is a story written so that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah and that by believing you may have life in his name.


A Tale of 3 Trees

March 2021 - April 2021

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible weaves an intricate story of God and His creation. They define our past and our future; our history and our destiny. These trees are essential to realizing our purpose within God’s grand narrative - our story found within His story.


Million Dollar Questions

January 2021 - March 2021

Jesus asked them. How will you answer them? Throughout the Gospels, Jesus asked a multitude of questions to His disciples. These questions remain relevant for us today. Join us as we explore these eleven powerful questions to strengthen our faith and hope.


Peace on Earth

December 2020

Who doesn't want to experience some peace on Earth? In a world where there is constant turbulence and turmoil, where do you look for peace? The Prince of Peace, Jesus brings peace on Earth, so that you can experience peace with God, peace within, and peace with others.


Laser Focus

November 2020

Where do you look for meaning and purpose in life? Jesus Christ is our living hope and experiencing life with him is what you were made for. Join us as we explore three ways to have a laser-focused life that places Christ at the center of our purpose, perseverance, and perspective.


Unrelenting Grace

October 2020 - November 2020

Grace is the unmerited favor of God upon undeserving humanity. Grace is not only God not treating us as our sins deserve, but God mercifully filling us with power to live differently in light of His grace.


Spinning Out Of Control

August 2020 - September 2020

Control is a fickle concept. What even is control? And when we have it, how long does that really last for? The irony is that the only time we think something is spinning out of control is when we assume that we have control of anything in the first place.


Heaven In Black And White

May 2020

What is heaven like? The question is simple, but the answers can be very complex. Ancient traditions and current pop culture have had a say in our view of heaven, but what does the Bible really say?


The Jesus Declaration

April 2020

In the book of John, Jesus declares about himself that he is the way, the truth, and the life. If Jesus' declaration is true, then it can and should change everything about our lives!


Fear Not

March 2020 - April 2020

Do you feel afraid? You’re not alone! Together, we can acknowledge our fears and look into the Bible to discover the good news about the God whose perfect love casts out all fear. Fear Not!


Counterfeit Claims

January 2020 - February 2020

There are these claims we make. Things we have heard so often, that they must be true...right? Wrong. Some of our most well-worn claims are counterfeit. How do we sort out fact from fiction?


Angel Sightings

December 2019

Angels show up a lot in pop culture but what does the Bible tell us about angels? What are angles? What do angels do? Angel Sightings is a deep dive into what the Bible teaches about angels.


Creatures of Habit

November 2019

We are creatures of habit, and our habits are powerful forces. Studying the Word of God, praying, confessing, and fasting are not just items on a checklist. They have the power to change us.



September 2019 - October 2019

Becoming like Christ is the aim of the Christian life. But it doesn't happen overnight, it takes time. It is a matter of how we think, how we live, and ultimately it is a matter of surrender.


Don't Lose Hope

August 2019 - September 2019

Hope. It’s more than wishful thinking. It is certain expectation. But there are times in life when hope feels harder and harder to hang on to. How do we keep going when the future seems so uncertain?


Jesus in Plain Sight

March 2019 - April 2019

During Jesus' life and ministry, many of his own people couldn't see who he really was. In fact, they rejected and crucified him. And still today, many have a hard time seeing Jesus for who he is.


The Ten Commandments

January 2019 - March 2019

What are the 10 Commandments really about? In the book of Exodus, God declares His intent to make a covenant with Moses and his people, and the 10 Commandments are the basis of this relationship.



December 2018

Whether it is our own grasping for power or someone else's striving to be in control, the truth is that kings rise, and kings fall, but only one King stands forever. King Jesus.


Externally Decided

October 2018 - November 2018

You might not realize it, but Externally Decided things such as how God made you to be, when God reached you, and how God grows you, well they might just be the best decisions you never made.


Word Problems

September 2018 - October 2018

We have WORD PROBLEMS. Our words can bring life…but our words can also have the power of hate and death. In the Bible, we find the key to getting to the heart of our word problems…our hearts.


Hillside Foundations

January 2014 - September 2016

A strong foundation. It matters in construction, and it matters in life. What are you building your life on? This collection is a great way to start building or keep maintaining your faith.