Hillside Kids

Hillside Kids is our children’s ministry for infants through 5th grade, offered during all weekend services. We believe the best way to prepare kids for their future is to help them fall in love with Jesus at an early age and provide irresistible environments with impactful adult leaders who build into their lives. Our environments are created so that kids are safe and secure. All volunteers and leaders are carefully screened at every campus. We implement a stringent security process for all kids.

Our curriculum builds on the idea that spiritual growth is relationally driven. When another trusted adult is placed in the life of a child, besides their parents, an additional voice is provided that reinforces core values. Our strategy emphasizes small groups, even at young ages, so that kids and small group leaders easily build relationships. We want our leaders to personally connect with each child. While each age group focuses on a different key element, we believe that they are interlocking essentials that can change the world. We want to work together to build a child’s view of God, the world, and themselves as they grow.

Every weekend, you will find our staff team, volunteers and kids in our children’s area hanging out, having fun and learning about a Heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally.

If you would like information about the worship areas, age ranges for classrooms, or how the check-in process works for a particular campus, please select your location at the choose a campus section below.


We are grateful for the opportunity to share time with your child in their walk with Christ. This is a valuable ministry with great rewards we get to experience each and every week. We know that your child’s spiritual life is important to you. We also know that you have the most time and love to contribute to your child’s life. We want to partner with and support you as parents! On our parent page link, we provide you with the contact information for the staff person in our Kids environment for each campus.