Hillside Students

Hillside Students is committed to helping teenagers take the next step in their spiritual journeys. Our environments and programs are designed to help students engage in worship, grow through God’s Word, participate in biblical community, and find joy in giving to the church through service and resources. We are committed to having the best leaders possible in all of our environments. We have a thorough screening process to make sure that all volunteers are approved to serve with students. We also provide yearly trainings for our leaders to equip them to be effective in leading our students.

Each week, you will find our staff team, volunteers, and students hanging out together, learning from God’s Word and just having fun.

Hillside Students is for any student between 6th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade. If you would like more information about the worship venues, when our students gather during the week, or opportunities to connect your student at a particular campus, please select your location at the “choose a campus” section below.

Stay Connected

Social media is an easy way to find out what is going on with Hillside Students at any campus at a simple glance. Each of our campus student ministries has a Facebook page designated to helping communicate upcoming events and hot topics. We also have Campus specific Hillside Parent Groups on Facebook. We invite you to look us up and receive important posts and messages.